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標準ズームレンズGF45-100F4 R LM OIS WRはGFXユーザーにとっては待ちに待ったレンズだといえる一本だ。





It is a lens that will revolutionize the GFX50 series.

The standard zoom lens GF45-100F4 R LM OIS WR is the lens that GFX users have been waiting for.

The lens is sealed in 11 positions on the barrel to make it dustproof, splashproof, and low-temperature resistant, making it ideal for shooting in the harshest of locations, even in light rain and dusty conditions.

The camera has an easy-to-use focal length of 45-100mm (equivalent to 36-79mm in 35mm format), an angle of view that covers a focal length of 45-100mm, and a high-performance 5.0-stop image stabilization function.

For this shoot, I used the GFX50R to check the camera's image stabilization, and snapped and photographed places such as Ginza, Meguro and Ebisu. The first impression I had was that the lens

might be a bit long and heavy when attached to the GFX50R, but once I started shooting, that feeling disappeared. The length of the barrel of the lens makes it easy to grip, and the focus ring is well placed for fine adjustments and overall operability. Furthermore, the linear motor autofocus allows for fast, stress-free shooting. When I was walking around town and met a dog, I had to take a quick picture of it as it was moving around, but I didn't miss the moment. It showed high resolution and wide tonal range at high contrast throughout the entire zoom range, and depicted every single hair without skipping highlights.

The GFX50 series didn't have in-body camera shake, so I had to be very careful, but the 5-stop image stabilization allowed me to shoot at shutter speeds of about 1/8s-1/15s without any stiffness. When the lens is open, it produces beautifully blurred, three-dimensional images at both the wide-angle and telephoto ends. There was no wide vignetting, distortion or aberration. This highly convenient, high-performance lens is useful in any situation, day or night.



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